The Civil Rights Movement of the Next Generation


The Hip Hop Union is found in the municipality known as the City of New York in the year 2009.  This constitution is adopted to secure the blessings of creativity and innovation in the Hip Hop music genre. We come together as a unified consortium involved in the full preservation of the Hip Hop culture.  This way of life was established within the 5 boroughs of the land known as New York City. It is recognized all across the planet & its vibration is the driving force of many ideologies and practices full of liberty and a valuable transit of information.   There are many forms of art that when established become the expression of the civil progress in a nation. This constitution claims that this culture with its  expressive artisans are the purveyors of the civility of the nation called United States of America. This Constitution is developed to join together the resources and establish a firm ground based on principles and milestones of achievement. Hip Hop is an all inclusive culture that resonates in all aspects of life. Truly the time is upon us to not only document our experience completely but also display the main tenets of Hip Hop and declare the structure for its preservation ad infinitum.

The Nation of Hip Hop and its Citizens are its own entity and also are members of other nations with respect to their laws, treaties, declarations and constitutions. The laws & statutes established in this constitution are not designed to offset existing and respecting iron penned documents nor is it designed to create a pseudo or quasi government entity. Our purpose is to unite the Hip Hop Nation on the entire globe, preserve the culture and promote the general welfare of its people under a united movement.

As we continue on this path of Hip Hop expression, we must be mindful of the many responsibilities of this medium to establish continuity to sparks of thought and movements. Some of these responsibilities are to be addressed through the Hip Hop Citizen dues with the greatest interest in the artists career and preservation of the culture’s essence.  Many of these aspects speak to the need of Hip Hop’s growth in general. Health Care and Insurance are definite benefits that must be available to our members. Life Insurance is key for the posterity of members and the members themselves. Financial advisers and legal services under retainer through Union dues will facilitate the needs of artists and their labels, general needs of Citizens for any arbitration issues, trademark and copyright,   contracts, debt consolidation, expense accounts of recoupable income, royalties, and many other services not stated. All rights  reserved to the respected parties in the agreed natural state.  With the adhesive joining of these entities the citizens gains information, resources and structure.  The labels benefit through new relationships with various entities. A Hip Hop Citizen who will be able to understand the necessity of a label and the quality services that are maintained by such.

We must be able to reserve rights for our members and the entire collective home & abroad. We will have these services mentioned available for members for affordable prices and quality service.


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