The Civil Rights Movement of the Next Generation


Follow The Leader is a documentary in production about the Hip Hop Union. Bellow is a short preview of the feature length film.

For the past two years, Director David Ambrose, of Supreme Films and, has been producing a full feature documentary highlighting the efforts of Jineea Butler and the Social Services of Hip Hops’ mission to solve the ‘The Hip Hop Dilemma’.

‘Follow the Leader The Documentary’ tells a story through the lens of Education, Hip Hop and Politics. The film first focuses on the influence Hip Hop has in the classroom with our ‘LIT’ participant Ronnell Alexander, a then 19 year old senior, a father, gang member, and struggling student at Lewis and Clark High School in the Bronx. Jineea offers him an opportunity to transform his life through the ‘Leaders In Training” program. While engaged with the program, Ronnell grew right in front of the camera’s eye. The final leg of the movie which will be filmed fall 2011 and will include Jineea’s mission to align the Hip Hop Union’s Education Consortium with President Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ Education Initiative, the Leaders In Training Program returning to Lewis and Clark HS and it will premiere examples of other successful Hip Hop Education programs like Flocabulary out of Brooklyn, NY, Ed Lyrics, Washington, DC, and Global Awareness through Hip Hop Culture, Los Angeles, CA. The movie’s goal is to ensure that Hip Hop Education will be included in the legislative conversation about the future of Education in the United States. This world film captures compelling evidence that Hip Hop is the common denominator in the success and/or failure of these young people.

2 Responses to MEDIA

  1. Curtis Chambers II says:
    February 16, 2011 at 10:15 am


  2. Tawanda says:

    Very REAL, INSPIRING, AND TOUCHING, awareness as such through the vehicle of HIP HOP will have our much forgotten youth listening at attention!!!! WONDERFUL! CANT WAIT TO THE PREMIERE


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