The Civil Rights Movement of the Next Generation


The Leaders In Training Music Therapy Program is a character building program that identifies hard to reach students, ‘Leaders In Training’ or LIT, motivation, interests and skill sets by using Music to extract their thoughts and feelings in a classroom forum.

Rounding off its 3rd year, the program was implemented in 20 schools throughout the New York City Area including alternative treatment and education programs like Friends of the Island Academy, Department of Juvenile Justice, Getting Out and Staying Out, Brooklyn Job Corps, Dayton Village and more.

Recently the program expanded to Cherry Hill, NJ where the Social Services of Hip Hop was contracted for 6 weeks to connect the students and educators to the Hip Hop Experience. The engagement spawned a joint initiative with the Cherry Hill African American Civic Association called From the Hood to the ‘Burbs. The project will seek the funds to expand the program in Suburban Neighborhoods that are faced also with the ‘Hip Hop Dilemma’.

The ‘LIT’ program is a dynamic program that should be in nearly every school throughout the country.


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