The Civil Rights Movement of the Next Generation


The business approach to spreading the organic sound and feel of underground hip hop has finally been discovered. Gwop Ghettas & Associates have introduced the growing concept called, “Gwop Swap”. Point blank explanation why, to flourish indie “urban” style music (hip hop, reggae, reggaetone, spoken word, house, hard R&B). All the recording, all the great looking photos taken, even if you know Dr. Dre himself, goes nowhere if the music is not spread. So slide over 50 stacks and we got you.

Oh wait!! Who the heck as $50,000 like that. So? We looked through a glass to comb through and dissect a resolution. After careful research and trials, we came pitched Gwop Swaps to the indie underground world. ‘Gwop Swaps’ are simply artists in one market using their name they built in their local market to push another artist from another market and vice versa. Working together to push one another allows a solid penetration in new markets in which artists can perserviere effectively . With a little extra help from GG of course 😉

Showcase Register

Current ‘Gwop Swap’ & Opps

How does Gwop Ghettas help? Gwop Ghettas moderates co-promotions, events, showcases, and creates strategies for “Swaps” offered between artists. Our promotion strategies guarantee the effective exposure you need to flourish your brand, as well as we offer our own events and in house promotions you can take advantage (Click to see our general promotions offered). We coordinate the campaigns and pr to present new artists in new market and translate analytics to gain fanbase support. With a local artist’s endorsement, the guest artists makes a strong initial penetration in this new market. Fans benefit because they have the opportunity to listen to a new sound. Fans are also a part of the decision process to ensure artists receive the spread they need.

HOW DO ARTISTS GET SWAPS? The first method is participate at a Open Gwop Swap Showcase. (register for Next Preliminary Swap Showcase + ALOT of Extras one time fee of $89/$69 if submitting online act OR 17 people to qualify) If you are chosen as ‘Top Artist’ you can win travel sponsored by Gwop Ghettas to a Gwop Swap Show , Swap Opp, or Network Opp in a new market. The grand daddy service we grant artists? Sponsored travel accomodations to perform at a sanctioned Premiere ‘Gwop Swap’ Event. Each average at least 1000+ attendees to promote your music too.

The second method is to submit a formal ‘Gwop Swap Show’ directly to the city artist that is accepting them. With ‘Gwop Swap Shows’ thier are certain requirements included to the offer in order to be approved. This inlcudes deposit of guaranteed, promotions for artists, happen to push for the most you can get when you choose a ‘Pot-na’ to swap with. Run several promotions on your facebook and home town plugging them. Make sure your coordinating to them to make same efforts. Then when its time to perform the fans already know you. Remember with a local artists’ endorsement, from that city you are trying to get in you already will have eyes looking at you before you even have your first show there.

We solidify this by hosting a Premium Swap Showcase at your location. We determine this by having a local/web showcase where participants get 15 min sets to display what they got. You’ll have the local fans, your fans, and Gwop Ghetta followers observing you at this showcase and/or seeing your online submission if you choose. KEEP IN MIND ALL SHOWCASES YOU CAN SUBMIT A ONLINE ENTRY TOO! Online entry, just upload your music video or clip of you performing live to vimeo or youtube. Then Email us the link and that will be your online showcase entree for the next showcase. Each of Our Showcases average 100-500 attendees both live and online. Its about the show! Bring good music and a good show. You will have local fans, fans from new markets, and GG Staff judging you. The artists chosen as “Top Nominated” is sent to the swap location with travel sponsored by them Gwop Ghettas! What have you got to lose. As one of the many benefits as a registered user of, artists and fans get updates of opps and events that GG offers.


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